Brain Care Score

As leaders in the delivery of enhanced aging support, we help patients keep score of their determinants for healthy aging and related functional abilities. To help motivate patients for taking good care of their health and function, we utilize a digital version of Harvard’s McCance Brain Care Score. This score makes it easy for us to help patients learn how best to target 12 major risk factors associated with conditions of the brain and body. These conditions include dementia, stroke, depression, other chronic conditions, frailty and post-hospital vulnerability.

To deliver on the promise of an improved Brain Care Score, our physiatry-pharmacy teams utilize best practice care pathways derived from other validated models that target similar core risk factors. These care pathways include home-based versions of cardiac rehabilitation, pulmonary rehabilitation and the diabetes prevention program

As the only physician specialists in multi-condition rehabilitation and as the only doctorate level experts in medication therapy management, physiatrists and pharmacists serve as the obvious home-based team for self-management support of medications, conditions and lifestyle. 

Physiatrists and pharmacists have the right skill sets needed to scale the healthy aging outcomes targeted by the Brain Care Score. According to the Institue for Healthcare Improvement, these outcomes should include maximized mobility, mentation and medications that help aging patients function for what matters (the 4Ms). 

Our aging support technology platform (HEALTHGAMEPLAN) empowers physiatrists and pharmacists to easily measure, monitor and coach the 12-core risk factors that can determine 4Ms outcomes. These risk factors are those included within the McCance Brain Care Score and our digital version makes improvement easy and fun. 

The future of aging support is here.