Prepare well for Surgery/Chemo

Get stronger with confidence

As the only physician specialists in multi-condition rehabilitation, we use specialized telehealth technology to train patients how to improve their underlying determinants for pre-surgical or pre-chemotherapy resilience. 

Surgical procedures and chemotherapy have been compared to running a marathon in terms of the overall stress on the body. Older patients are often not adequately prepared. The American College of Surgeons and the UKs MacMillan’s Cancer Support Network recommends that all older patients receive training to become stronger, more fit and healthier prior to these stressful interventions.

We’ve built the right technology needed to deliver enhanced self-management support from anywhere. Patients receive the training that they need to become more fit and healthier in preparation for their surgery or chemotherapy.

As formal telehealth partners with the nation’s 4th largest pharmacy network in the US ( we’re now able to dispense and scale multi-condition rehabilitation throughout the US and around the world to reduce the risks for adverse outcomes from surgery or chemotherapy.

We’re a NEW home-based referral source needed to help primary care teams go beyond traditional medication management for helping aging patients achieve the outcomes that matter most:

Functioning well at home while preventing the things that get in the way like adverse outcomes from surgery or chemotherapy.